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    So hormones are responsible for each stage in the period. From the release of hormones to mature the egg, for the launch of hormones to formulate the uterus, the endocrine process is an essential element in the menstrual period. Contraception functions by suppression from the launch of these hormones.

    This condition, also called menorrhagia (men-oh-RA-jah), is really a medical problem and it has several treatment methods. One basic treatment choices the use of birth control pills. Although many people associate birth control pills just with preventing pregnancy, they actually can be used for various medical conditions, including heavy periods. These pills may make menstrual periods lighter and much more predictable. For people who do not like taking pills daily, a weekly patch along with a monthly vaginal ring can also be possibilities.

    menses It is recommended to drink one glass of pure and organic grape fruit drinks per day.

    1. Vitamins

    Grape fruit contains large amount of vitamin C and other vitamins such as A, B complex which only helps to improve the elastic of capillary wall but in addition increase the effectiveness of transportation of info between cells thereby, reducing the risk of nervous tension including depression, anxiety and emotional and physical stress.

    For those girls that are completely done with childbearing, a best selling option would be endometrial ablation. This is a noninvasive procedure that neutralizes the inner lining with the uterus, that is what exactly is shed monthly during menstrual periods. The majority of women can have lighter menses plus a small area of women will stop having periods altogether. This simple procedure can be practiced on the job, surgery center, or operating room. Recovery is quick and everybody is capable to resume work in a week.

    Do you know that?

    o The normal life of an egg is produced by 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary.

    o During every ovulation, only 1 egg is released.

    o One common sign of woman that is under the ovulation period is light blood spotting.

    o Some in the negative effects of ovulation to women are unexplainable stress and illness.

    o It usually takes 6-12 days after ovulation, to get a fertilized egg to get implanted within the uterus.

    o Occurrence of ovulation remains to be possible in spite of the non-occurrence in the monthly period, and the other way round.

    o Mittelschmerz can be seen by women during ovulation period. This is seen as a a slight pain near the ovaries. It also refers to middle pain in German.