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    Cotton bedding sets are usually the most recommended type if you are having trouble sleeping. The material is light and breathable so that you will stay cool during the warm weather of the summer. It is also designed to help keep in warmth in the winter so that you do not get too cool. Alternatively, you can have different quality bedding sets for each type of weather. In the winter, flannel bedding is a popular choice because it can insulate very well. Silk sheets also offer a cool option when it is warm outside.

    The first thing that needs to be taken care of is the crib. Cribs are the one of the most basic things that you buy for your baby bedding set. Make sure is nice and spacious, and is made well, using strong material. The finish should be good, and the color and the appearance should preferably match with the room theme, if you are designing the room in a particular pattern.

    One of the most important factors to bear in kind as you buy these baby bedding sets and accessories, is that they all should be washable. Besides this, it would also be helpful to ensure that they do not get destroyed easily, as your baby tries his or her best to damage it. Opting for baby bedding sets like pillows and blankets, such that they can be used for quite a few years to come is a good way to be economical. Select them carefully, so as to ensure that these can grow with your child.

    Whatever set you choose, be sure your newborn is peaceful, content and, most importantly, happy. And also make sure that your newborn is positioned thus so as not to move or turn over, with proper side pillows. However, even if your set comes with pillows, they should never be put in the crib of a very young baby.

    The customary color for boys is blue. The choice for boys is huge as well. For example, you might like the thematic "jungle" or "forest" collections. These whimsical Bedding sets may have cheetah or leopard prints combined with all shades of earth, green, and honey. The fabrics may include soft velvet and healthy cotton. You can also find sea and sky themed bedding for baby boys.

    Now that you know about safety and agree to put safety over beauty, lets talk about some of the types of nursery bedding sets. If you don’t know if you are having a boy or a girl, you could choose from various animal designs and use neutral colors. Eco-friendly bedding sets are available for those with mother earth on the heart. These earth friendly bed sets are hypo-allergenic and are made with no chemical and no dyes.

    When choosing a crib set you should not skimp on quality: your baby’s health and safety may be at stake. That being said, there are many designer crib sets available today at reasonable rates. Of course, the crib will be a day care center, especially the crib bedding.