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    If you have asthma, allergies, or chronic neck pain, you may need a particular filling or a dust mite-proof cover for the pillow. On receiving the bag, you can just open the duffle bag and cut the sides of the rolled up plastic cover and let the pillow roll out automatically. Transporting a pillow is expensive because it takes up so much room, even though it weighs little. Because they’ll be on such a light spin it may be worth repeating this step more than once to get as much water out as possible. “But also look for the same basics you would look for in any pillow-firmness, filling, pillow height, and size-since you still need to get a good night’s rest.” You also want to avoid pillows with harsh chemicals, raw materials, and down feathers (if you’re allergic), since they can make you feel even worse. Not quite! Down is the inner feathers of a duck, close to the animal’s body. Also known as Feather Pillows, since sometimes they come in both combinations of down and feather (or just purely feather, though down happens to be the softest), they can easily be molded to comfortable shapes.

    Latex pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Consider a latex pillow. Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses they mould to the contours of your body ensuring you have superior support. Many stores that sell pillows also sell mattresses. Read reviews for different pillows before going shopping, especially if you are thinking of buying a special pillow, such as an anti-snoring or cooling pillow, which can be expensive, and may not do what it claims to do. Read reviews online before going shopping. After your surgery, you need to know that you will have to follow some of these precautions for the rest of your life. They are easy to take care of in that they typically do not need shaking or fluffing to maintain their loft as down pillows often do. Down is very light and soft, and is usually located underneath the harder, stronger feathers, which protect the bird from the elements. X Research source A feather pillow will likely be harder, and there is a chance that some of the feather quills could poke through the fabric, particularly in cheaper feather pillows.

    That means your body needs to be straight and there should be no pressure on key joints, muscles or ligaments. Body pillows are basically the size of two queen bed pillows. Your choice of pillow is a crucial element to your overall body support through the night. Consider specialty pillows. Certain sleeping habits and health conditions may mean that a "normal" pillow may not be your best choice. Satin is slippery and this may or may not be for you. A new memory foam pillow may have an unpleasant odor which will go away after a short while. The strong odor might trigger allergy issues. Not necessarily! While memory foam pillows come in various densities that can form to your head and neck, they also tend to have an unpleasant odor. They provide good support, especially if you have neck, jaw, or shoulder problems. Youtube talked about the symptoms of sleep deprivation and how they crept up on her – and the joy of finally getting good rest. These pillows are good for allergy sufferers, as they are mold resistant.

    A wool or cotton pillow might be particularly suitable for you if you suffer from severe allergies, as these pillows are not susceptible to dust mites or mold. If you tend to move around a lot, these pillows may be uncomfortable since they take a bit of time to mold into different shapes. Like a polyfill or feather fill, the amount within can dictate weight and height, but because of its airy nature, the height may not be a true measurement since it will plump higher than it suggests. Be aware that there is a difference between a down pillow and a feather pillow. In this case, there are synthetic versions available. Oxygen pillows are designed to promote the circulation of air, which is meant to help you breathe more freely and deeply while you sleep. Consider the cost. Some pillow fillings tend to be more expensive than others. Cervical pillows provide extra firmness in the lower part of the pillow in order to provide support for the neck.